Set up for success

Looking for a location to grow your business that has less red tape, is fast and convenient when it comes to making business happen, and can give you the kind of connectivity you need to succeed. Look no further than Lithuania.

IT connectivity that's ahead of the pack

Lithuania’s e-infrastructure is EU-leading. It’s fast, reliable and affordable. In fact, it is amongst the best worldwide. Lithuania is ranked first globally for fulfilling business needs for ICT, and is a regional leader for bandwidth and fibre-optic infrastructure. Combine this with its convenient time zone for broad international service coverage, and Lithuania is an excellent location for international IT and service operations.

  • Wifi Speed
    1st globally
    for public WiFi speed
    Source: Ooma, 2020
  • Cybersecurity Index
    5th globally
    in the National Cyber Security Index
    Source: e-Governance Academy Foundation, 2021
  • 4G Coverage
    Leaders in 4G
    3rd best in 4G Internet coverage in the EU and worldwide
    Source: The Digital Economy and Society Index, European Commission, 2020
  • Fiber Optic Coverage
    2nd in EU
    for fiber optic (FTTP/FTTB) coverage in the EU
    Source: 2021 Market Panorama, FTTH Council Europe